customer success stories


To Whom it may concern,
A few weeks ago Kimberly informed me with the good news that all my accounts were now settled, (unfortunately I was very sick for a couple of weeks, but I am now back to work and doing well) and she was so thoughtful and kind enough to advised me not to put myself in that situation again and that I should put away the same amount of money I used to forward to your company, in a savings account. I just want to tell you and your staff that I appreciate all they have done for me in helping me to be debt free. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who is in a similar situation like what I was in. Thanks a million for your staff who handled my file in a professional was, especially Kimberley. May God Bless you all.

With kind regards,

- Dawn

To whom it may concern,
I was extremely impressed and very pleased with Emerson and Douglas, as they helped me through some very rough times in my life. I not only lost a job through injury at work, but I later lost 2 uncles and a Mother all in the same year.

They stuck with me and put together a good and fair plan and kept me fully in the loop as to what was taking place. I further was very happy that they let me decide on various proposals and never objected if I said no. I also want to add that they cared about how I was doing after the loss of my Mom. They knew that we were very close and during the final stages of her life, I would spend 18-20 hours a day 7 days a week taking care of her. I am very thankful that they were around and helped to bring about a positive conclusion to one part of my life, it came at the right time. I personally would highly recommend this company and urge all who do to listen to them and work with them, they are not scam artists, they are people interested in helping those who get into a jam and are looking for solutions- not magical fixes.

- Tom

Hi my name is Christopher D. I got into a partnership with Emerson & Douglas because i needed to get rid of my debt... They helped me every step along the way and contacted me often to see how things were going. I lost my job for a bit and was unable to make payments and they were able to help me with that which was great, and I finally got my debt taken care of because of them... Thanks to them I'm finally debt free.......

- Christopher 

I found Emerson and Douglas Associates to be very professional and effective in delivering a resolve to credit card balances I owed. The settlements achieved were within the parameters that were discussed with the average being 35%. The reason I chose to pursue payoffs was not that I was behind in payments but that my credit score went from 745 to below 650 thru no fault of my own. Because of my good credit I had sizeable balances available.
I had been making regular payments over and above the required amounts. Due to lack of using these cards the companies chose to diminish my available balances which in turn affected my credit. Countless calls to the card companies on my own produced no results. That is when I made the decision to have Emerson and Douglass assist me.

- A.R. 

My name is Lucia I am 66 years old. I would like to take a moment to thank Emerson and Douglas for helping me when I had a complicated moment in my financial situation. I was worried about paying off my debt, but with the help of Emerson and Douglas I am debt free in a year's time. I feel very good and debt free.

Your assistance and patience through this process has been greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Emerson and Douglas for debt consolidation.

- Lucia 

I was in a bit of financial trouble when I called and spoke to Emerson and Douglas Associates. I had one account that was $22,790 that was giving me a hard time. They put me on a payment plan that was affordable and the length was set for 24 months. After only four months I got a phone call from Emerson and Douglas and they proposed an offer of $4,558 to settle and close out the account if I could come up with that money, which I did not yet have saved for the program. I did everything I could and came up with that money and my troublesome account was settled for 20 cents on the dollar! I am very relieved to have found them and I would recommend them to my closest friends and relatives.

- Richard

Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with your services. When we signed on with you 18 months ago, we had no idea how we would pay off the considerable debt we had accumulated. The total amounted to over $60,000. This month we made our last payment, and you saved us a ton of money (over half that sum!).
Thank you so much,

- Ron and Monica

They are the solution to a smooth future. I was burdened with debt so I enrolled in the program to help me take control of my debt. The collectors were harassing me but, Jeff (Senior Debt Consultant) and the entire staff helped me to fight them off professionally. I don't know what I would have done without them. Thank you for all your help.


I’m grateful for being directed to them. I want to compliment them on the excellent performance in my debt reduction, stopping the harassing calls from creditors/collection agencies and helped develop better practices in the management of my debt. It has been a great experience and certainly worth more than the small fees charged for settlement. 

- Kenneth

Jeff, I would like to thank you and your staff for a very professional and efficiently run organization you are running/working with. The problems I had with with my credit were of my own doing in trying to save my house and still keep food on my plate and my family cared for. Being a small business owner, this year has been difficult enough without the problems that had arisen in my home life. After giving myself a pay decrease it was even more difficult to try to keep my head above water (financially speaking). Again I would like to thank you for your help with my creditors, you saved me more than I ever could have by dealing with the banks on my own. thanks again and keep up the good work, nothing comes for free but your fees far outweighed the money than the banks would have extracted from my meager budget.

- William