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Emerson and Douglas Associates, LLC offer services to help consumers get out of debt, and stay out of debt. After going through a financial analysis potential clients will be educated on what their debt-relief options are, so that they can make the decision as to what option best fits their unique situation. We are performance driven, and our practices have been proven over years of experience and expertise. Our mission is to be able to utilize our specialized skills to help reduce the debt of our clients and help them live a financially healthy lifestyle. We try to form a positive and growing relationship with all of our clients, and our reputation speaks for itself. We are motivated by the ever-present public outcry for debt relief which is in part attributed to the abusive practices of debt collection agencies and the predatory protocols of the credit card companies. Even so, when situations call for mediation between client and creditor, we strive to maintain the utmost standards of professionalism and efficiency while taking an objective approach that most consumers are not able to do themselves.

Some of our consumer services are

Debt Settlement Facts Financial Restructuring
Debt Settlement Facts Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Review
Debt Settlement Facts Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Review
Debt Settlement Facts Credit Restoration
Debt Settlement Facts Budget Analysis
Debt Settlement Facts Legal Servicing
Debt Settlement Facts Student Loan Debt Consolidation
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* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on ability to save funds, amount of debt, willingness of creditors to negotiate, and the successful completion of all program terms. Program does not assume or pay any debts, nor provide legal or tax advice. Prudence should always be taken by consumers when reviewing contracts and disclosure materials. Emerson & Douglas Associates, LLC services not available in all states. For more details see our Disclosures page.
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